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staringchallengesofafricaAfrica is the poorest region in the world with not less than half of its total population living on less than $1.00 per day.

Africa as well accounted for only one percent of the world GDP while its income distribution is skewed against the poor.

Africa is the most marginalized region accounting for only 1.7% of the world commerce, 2% world export, and 0.9% of 

One out of five Africans lives under armed conflict, creating doubt over the prospect and future of the continent.

African economies are fragmented, structurally shallow and heavily dependent on primary sector-petroleum, mining and agriculture with little or no value added.

Africa is the region that is most indebted, most aid reliant and with the largest population infested with HIV-AIDS, Malaria, Tuberculosis etc in the world.


There is an increasing global concern for Africa’s repositioning as epitomize by the foreign policies of the developed world: G8, etc however are the subjects and their leaders ready to take their destiny into their own hands?

No how seemingly loving a friend could look, sound, your destiny still lies in your hands. Africa must rise to the challenge!

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